Let's break down what a Home Study is.

  • A Home Study is required to adopt a child.
  • A caseworker (myself) will visit your home once or twice.
  • You will be asked questions about your background and everyday life.
  • You will need to have 4 people send me a recommendation letter. One must be a relative. They must send me the letter, rather than giving it to you first.
  • Your physician will fill out a medical form (supplied by me).
  • I will need photocopies of your birth and marriage certificates. These can be ordered online from the state they were created in.
  • I will supply you with all the necessary forms.
Now Let's break down the process of a Home Study.
  • In the first visit we will answer each other's questions. I will tell you about the adoption process, and I will give you a questionnaire. Please do not write your answers on the spaces on the questionnaire. You will number your answers on a word document. Email me (at lisaecke@gmail.com) the document upon completion.
  • You will submit a criminal background check to the state of Utah. I will help you with this.
  • I will need a photocopy of your driver's license (front and back) and your social security card.
  • In the second visit I will ask you further questions based on your questionnaire answers and other information needed.
  • I will do a walk through your home to evaluate safety.
  • I will be asking for the following: Smoke alarms on each level of the home, preferably in each bedroom. A fire extinguisher. A first aid kit. Medicines in a locked cabinet or a high cabinet out of reach. Cleaning supplies in a cabinet with a childproof lock or up high out of reach. Gasoline and/or pesticides on a high sturdy shelf in the garage, or a locked cabinet, or locked storage shed. A stair gate if you have stairs. Outlet covers for all outlets. All firearms or weapons must be in a locked cabinet. No missing railings on stairs or decks. Swimming pools must be covered, or have a fence.
  • You will have time to make any necessary changes before I complete the home study. You can purchase the stair gates, outlet covers, and safety latches but not install them, just show me that you have them.
The Home Study will usually take about a month to complete from start to finish. Each visit takes between one to two hours. Much of what we will be talking about is adoption education, and preparing you for the process. I hope this helps you to understand the home study. I enjoy getting to know people like you who are excited about adopting. I look forward to working with you.

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