Professional Adoption Counseling Services in UT

The adoption process can be stressful and full of ups and downs. That’s why here at A Safe Haven, I offer adoption counseling to help adoptive families in UT navigate every twist and turn along the process. From the initial paperwork to the moment you bring your child home, I help families through every step of the way and celebrate every triumph alongside them.

As a Licensed Certified Social Worker here in Utah, I have the necessary licensing and certification to complete adoption home studies, as well as pre- and post-adoption placement reports required by Utah courts. With my help, you can complete and finalize the adoption of your child with ease, while passing all Interstate Compact requirements.

Adoption Counseling Services the Safe Haven Way

When you reach out to me for my affordable adoption counseling services, I’ll lend a helpful and compassionate hand as you accomplish each step of the adoption process, and help you get through those steps quickly so you can bring your child home soon. With my counseling services and adoption assistance, I can:

  • Offer educational and support services to clarify any confusion and navigate the process
  • Address your concerns about the financial aspects of adoption and the emotional and psychological challenges associated with adoption
  • Provide home study summary and post-placement reports through in-person visits and email or phone interviews
  • Complete post-placement visits to ensure continued compliance with home safety requirements, mark milestones in your child’s development, and provide helpful feedback and support
  • Direct you toward additional resources such as counseling, books, support groups, and online informational resources

With my passion for adoption, I want to help you make informed decisions about adoption and provide the resources and support you need to successfully navigate the adoption. I hope my support and counseling will be invaluable to you as we work to bring your child home to you.

If you have questions or you’d like to get started, contact me today.