Adoption Referral Services in Utah

The adoption process is no light-hearted undertaking, so you want to have all the information you need for pre-placement visits and reports. Look no further than A Safe Haven for all the information you need if you are located in Utah.

At A Safe Haven, I am proud to offer our Utah residents adoption referral services. With my expertise, you will rest assured that you will have an informed home study that is partial to children's safety.

What are Adoption Referrals?

An adoption referral is a potential child referral to a family. The family is then asked to accept the child as their potential adopted member of their family. Once the referral is accepted, the official legal process of adoption takes place, which transfers the parental rights and responsibilities over to the adoptive parents of that child.

A referral is not a legal transfer of the potential adopted child; instead, it is an acknowledgment that this family could potentially have all rights to the child.

Why Choose A Safe Haven for Adoption Referrals?

With A Safe Haven, I want every child and adoptive family to have the support they deserve. I seek to educate every family that I come in contact with and help them understand adoption home studies, especially with adoption referrals. As a licensed and certified social worker, I can help assess various home situations, file reports, and navigate nuances with adoption services.

When you choose A Safe Haven, you will have the peace of mind that I will help you be as informed as possible throughout the process.

If you are in need of adoption referral services, contact me today by calling 801-690-9292, or send me a message through my contact page. I look forward to helping you and every child find joy and purpose with adoption services.